May 3: Gijón

Where we had breakfast

Post by Wynette: We forgot to go to the grocery store yesterday so decided to eat breakfast out this morning. We thought we’d first try the bar around the corner, the one that has the best coffee of all our neighborhood bars. We didn’t expect they would make eggs and toast for us but they didn’t hesitate to say yes, and with a friendly smile. Out on the Camino, we got used to paying 8 euros for eggs, toast, and coffee for two. I figured we’d pay quite a bit more than that here in the city. Was surprised when bill was only 8.50.

After a delicious breakfast, we caught a bus to the end of the beach and then walked two or three miles along a walkway. Kind of a seaside park here in the city.

After that we took a bus back to our neighborhood and ate shrimp and pineapple curry at a little Asian restaurant. Then went to the Blu Café for dessert of Boston Cream Pie that Charlie had spotted there. His mom used to make that for him and Charlie said it was much the same.

Then we went to the fruit stand next door to the Blu Café. I asked the proprietor if we could buy half of one of the small watermelons and she seemed happy to do that and wrap it up for us.

Then we went home and rested and did a crossword puzzle. Then we (finally) walked to the grocery store. Came home and made a salad for dinner. So we had a lazy relaxing day and lots of good eating.

San Lorenzo Beach, east end, low tide
Surfers heading for the beach
Large ship in the distance.
Man gathering something from the tide pools.
Dramatic sculpture by Ramón Muriedes.
Monument to the mother of the immigrant. 1970.
Charlie paying for our coffee and “Boston” (what they called it) in the Blu Café.

4 thoughts on “May 3: Gijón”

  1. I especially love the sculpture, mother to immigrants. Their Statue of Liberty… heart wrenching..

  2. Agree. It was beautiful and moving. I read Wikipedia about it. At one point she was seen as a witch and people started destroying it. They had to warehouse it. Then finally they brought it out again and people accepted it for what it was.

  3. According to Google, Girón has a population of around 250,000, or about 1/3 of Albuquerque’s (even less if you use “metropolitan area”), but the waterfront picture sure makes it look bigger.

    1. I was just saying the exact thing to Charlie this afternoon. Gijón feels so much bigger than Albuquerque. I guess it is much denser. We’re in a large urban area. Oviedo and Avilés aren’t far and they are pretty large as well.

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