Day 24, April 28: Porto do Espasante to Ladrido and Back. Last walking day.

The church where the Ruta ends in Ladrido. Even though the Ruta is not a pilgrimage, we thought it was interesting it ended at a church.

Post by Wynette: The Ruta del Cantábrico has 7 stages. Stage 1 starts in Ribedeo. Stage 7 ends in the tiny village of Ladrido. There isn’t even a bar or restaurant or place to stay in Ladrido. But we wanted to go to the end so we stayed in Porto do Espasante for two nights. On the 28th we walked to Ladrido and back. Only a 5.8 mile round trip, including an extra circle loop detour. Lovely walk, as usual. Later, in the afternoon we walked around the town of Porto do Espasante and along its long beach. We had a great meal at the “social center” bar just behind our hotel. It seemed everyone in town was there.

Walk on the beach
Mussels in vinaigrette. This whole dish cost 6 euros. Man was it good. Very fresh.
Huge Sunday crowd at the bar while we were eating our mussels. It was only 2 pm. They weren’t quite ready to eat lunch yet.

Another Camino Angel


Post by Wynette: We had an amazing hotel in Porto de Espasante where we stayed two nights. Pilar was our host. We decided to take a taxi to the train station our last morning (April 29) so we’d have time to eat Pilar’s wonderful 9:00 breakfast and have time to catch our 9:45 train. We thought there was a cheap local taxi and we asked her about arranging a pick up. She thought for a moment and then said “The train station is only 5 minutes away and a taxi would cost too much because the taxista has to come from another town. I’ll take you.” We said, “What about your other guests who might come down for breakfast then?” and she said, “No problem, and there probably won’t be any.” So, she took us. We showed up for breakfast a little early so were able to leave the hotel around 9:20. In her car, she asked us if we’d seen a place at the other end of the small peninsula. We had not. She said she’d show us since we had plenty of time to make the train. So off we went. It was clear she was very proud of her hometown. (Rightly so.) As we did the short circle drive around the peninsula, she pointed out the three beautiful beaches, the expanse of ocean, other sites.

She stopped to show us this view
Then she took us to the Espasante train station