Day 24, April 28: Porto do Espasante to Ladrido and Back. Last walking day.

The church where the Ruta ends in Ladrido. Even though the Ruta is not a pilgrimage, we thought it was interesting it ended at a church.

Post by Wynette: The Ruta del Cantábrico has 7 stages. Stage 1 starts in Ribedeo. Stage 7 ends in the tiny village of Ladrido. There isn’t even a bar or restaurant or place to stay in Ladrido. But we wanted to go to the end so we stayed in Porto do Espasante for two nights. On the 28th we walked to Ladrido and back. Only a 5.8 mile round trip, including an extra circle loop detour. Lovely walk, as usual. Later, in the afternoon we walked around the town of Porto do Espasante and along its long beach. We had a great meal at the “social center” bar just behind our hotel. It seemed everyone in town was there.

Walk on the beach
Mussels in vinaigrette. This whole dish cost 6 euros. Man was it good. Very fresh.
Huge Sunday crowd at the bar while we were eating our mussels. It was only 2 pm. They weren’t quite ready to eat lunch yet.

4 thoughts on “Day 24, April 28: Porto do Espasante to Ladrido and Back. Last walking day.”

  1. You’ve definitely gotten into the Spanish way of living: it’s 2:00pm and you think it is a bit early for lunch! I loved looking at all the food you ate, but I’m not sure what Moira would find to eat on your north coast of Spain adventures — she loves fish, but mussels, clams, and the like are definitely not on her list.

  2. Hi Henry, good to hear from you. There’s lots and lots of fresh fish to eat (pescado) vs mariscos (shellfish, prawns, etc.} we seemed to go for the mariscos when we had a la carte menús. Pescado with the menús del día.

  3. The mussels look amazing. We are not yet eating on the Portuguese schedule but find what our bodies, retired in a peaceful place like best!! Your trip has been great to follow. I so appreciate how you are caring for yourselves on the Path!

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